Trying a New Doctor

August 14, 2018

Hi, Isabella again!

We are trying a new doctor now for finding a better way to deal with the problem. Though, there is no set treatment for migraine as per the doctors apart from over-the-counter medicines or something prescribed by the doctor.

But we have come to terms with a doctor who has also referred a therapist to deal with the mental ordeal of Andrea.

While we were deep into the search, I realized some essentialities that should be kept in mind by every parent who is trying a new doctor for a migraine.

What did I Think About When Trying out a New Doctor?

I needed a second opinion as to how to go about things, to at least ensure that my daughter doesn’t suffer from pain as much. During that journey, here are a few of the things that I learnt.

Some essentialities while getting in touch with a new doctor:

  • Keep an open mind: There are no fixed treatments for a migraine so don’t go to a new doctor thinking that they will come up with a treatment which is not all formulated now. You are going to a new doctor for a better process and understanding.
  • Help your doctor: After changing the doctor, it’s essential that you start by giving relevant information to the doctor. You need to describe things such as the location of a headache, any possible food or condition that triggers it, possible reasons for aggravation, the inception of a headache, frequency and so on. Such information will give the doctor an idea of what they are dealing with.
  • Ask all your questions: There might be ample of questions regarding your situation. It is important all these questions are asked. I did the mistake of assuming that the doctor will answer the questions without me asking. But questions are always varied from one another, so it’s important to get all your queries out.
  • Educate yourself on the condition: When you are dealing with a condition that doesn’t have a set treatment, then it is essential that you understand the condition. Read journals, articles and materials that are available for a migraine as a condition.

Consult with other patients and understand their stand. This will provide you with an idea about the whole thing, and you can try to take care of those too.

  • Follow-up care: If you want a treatment to work then make sure you always take note of the follow-up care. Make sure as a parent you take care of the medications. Your child might skip their medicine don’t allow them to do so.

I have had a positive output with our new doctor by following these essentialities. Stay healthy everybody!