July 26, 2018

Natural Ways to Fight Inflammation

Ask any parent. It is completely heartbreaking to watch a child in pain. The suffering of the young is unbearable. Somehow we expect adults to cope, although it point of fact, pain is as debilitating for them as it is for children. The difference for me as a parent of a daughter with a chronic condition is that pain affects the way they develop and interact with the world. If an adult faces the onset of pain later in life, their personalities and ability to socialize are already formed. Not so with youth. Pain can impair normal progression of self-actualization.

However, and I write this with great emphasis, many children survive in spite of their pain. They become accepting and almost complacent. They do not want to burden their parents with guilt or draw undue attention to something they wish to suppress. It takes skill to be a successful parent to such children. You are not sure if you are doing the right thing. This is from a psychological perspective. From the practical point of view, you can learn to help the child manage his or her pain. No doubt the doctor will prescribe medications and various therapies. This can include biofeedback, hypnosis, better hydration, and exercises to relieve tension and stress.

Even if your child does not have a chronic illness, there will be pain from time to time. You will want to do your best to prevent it and deal with it when it comes. Avoiding too much drama helps. Learn what causes pain from your pediatrician, such as inflammation, over use of muscles and tendons, or poor nutrition. My doctor says that in addition to any prescribed remedy, it is wise to keep your child nourished and hydrated. One of the things suggested for inflammation in particular was a good water filter system like the ones reviewed on this web site in the house to avoid the expense of bottled water. It is easy to install and provides fresh-tasting chemical-free water the entire family will enjoy. Remember the dictum about six to eight glasses a day?

It was some of the best advice I had heard in a long time and something I could do in a flash. I felt good about taking action that would benefit my daughter and everyone else in the house. In addition, my children are in the habit of getting a good night’s sleep. When they wake up, they start the day with some type of liquid. I help them stretch a bit if they are sore. Having a good mattress certainly helps. Don’t overlook this obvious cause of discomfort and pain. Adults aren’t the only ones who suffer from a too hard or too soft mattress. Meanwhile, keep the filtered water flowing.