July 14, 2018

My Best Advice to Parents Starting This Journey

When a teen girl experiences a migraine, her pain manifestations are different. My daughter’s migraine often tends to be severe during her menstruation on. But I came to realize that by keeping constant monitoring of her pain behaviour and triggers.

Parents, like me, who are also experiencing their child’s migraines and are still in early days, guess what? I have some advice for you. These are my observations of dealing with a teenage girl child who gets episodic attacks of a migraine.

These will help:

Understand the triggering reason: If it’s a headache and they are already diagnosed with migraines then start with the very first step. Identify the situations or reasons which trigger a migraine. When my daughter was diagnosed with a migraine, I found out that sleep deprivation was one reason for her pain discomfort. And within days to come, I found out other things too. So, talk to them and understand what provides discomfort to them and followed by a migraine.

Let the school know: Talk to the school authorities and let them know of your child’s condition. I have done that and have spoken to the school administrations that whenever Andrea feels an impending attack, please allow her to take her medications. Often school don’t allow such things if they are not informed in prior. So, make sure you let them know and if necessary, provide the respective prescriptions for the same.

Keep a check on the child’s food habits: Often children who experience a migraine are sensitive to certain foods which in turn trigger migraine. I will advise all the parents that make sure you avoid giving them fatty foods as those are some sensitive foods for a migraine. Also, it’s very important that they don’t skip any meal. Make them drink plenty of water as it is a source of oxygen which is helpful for migraine attacks.

Don’t lose hope: As a mother, I have just one request to you, please don’t lose hope. You are the best thing for your child and also their strength. If you feel low, then it will affect their power to stay strong. Remember, there are lucid days and make those days happy and full of love and laughter.

Our strength as parents is what matters the most until our little ones grow up and start tackling their pain on their own. Andrea Says, Stay fit and fine!