June 28, 2018

What Part is Pain, What Part is Bad Behavior?

Life is difficult for people who have to counter the regular ordeal of pain and has to fight it continuously. For, a parent who has to deal with the physical pain of their young child and find ways to tackle the suffering on a daily basis, it’s a journey.

Hi, I am Isabella, and I am a parent whose 14-year-old daughter suffers from chronic pain due to an illness. She suffers from a low back pain, and at first, we found no reason she would have it. However, the doctor informed us that the space between the spinal nerves and spinal cord weren’t normal for my daughter and had become smaller, which had led to spinal stenosis.

What is meant by a low back pain?

The region of our body starting after the ribcage widely known as the lumbar region is a highly sensitive and delicate area.

Where you can find this portion having the potency of joining a volley of interconnected bones, joints, nerves and ligaments working together to aid strength and flexibility, wrong posture or movements can potentially damage this section of your body easily.

Although the injuries most of the time get better with time it may persist sometimes. In these cases, you may need to get them treated with medical help.

We never thought that our little family would take such a rough turn. Suddenly everything came to a screeching halt one fine day.

About one and half years ago my daughter was diagnosed with a severe migraine.

How bad is it? A migraine is a condition that affects one part of the head and manifests into nausea, vomiting, uneasiness to light or sound and severe eye pain. Often described as a pounding sensation, the migraine tends to persist for even up to a couple of days. The sufferer often gets agitated and might even feel like banging their head against a wall.

My daughter is no exception. She is a young and pretty lady in her early teens who love to enjoy with her friends and has always been full of life. Even in her lucid times, she tends to show her empathetic, kind and charming being to everybody around. But things tend to take a lousy turn when her headaches come knocking.

The impact on my daughter’s behaviour:

The first time she was diagnosed with the condition Andrea was just 12, but with the passing time, she has started to show signs that are difficult to handle. Well, she is a teenager and has issues, but her life largely depends on the aftermaths and results of the chronic pain that she suffers.

It’s not an easy journey for her. Her attacks are not very common, and we are still trying to understand what triggers her pain. These days she has started to feel uncomfortable with her body and thinks she might just be the only one suffering from such a condition. The result of such a headache has made her introvert and, she doesn’t like going out as much as she is scared of migraine attacks.

This has started to take a toll on her behaviour. This, in turn, has even made her rough towards us and she thinks we don’t love her anymore.

This psychological turn owing to her illness has taken our happiness down, and relief is the only thing I want; her pain-free life is my only wish.