Natural Pain Relieving Methods Kids Will Tolerate

June 21, 2018

For some time now I have been trying some natural pain relieving method for my daughter. I have even consulted some herbal experts, but that has not been much of a help. I have even been reading and am constantly in touch with the doctors to understand what methods might help.

Now, pain does have different symptoms. For instance, if you are suffering from back pain, here is what can happen.

The first signs of low back pain

There can be multiple symptoms that can hint you towards a start of the low back pain. Here are the major ones.

  • Minor aches and burning or palpitating sensations
  • Congestions in the muscles
  • Difficult to stand

In case, the pain does not subsidize in 3 months, you can expect to term it to be a chronic case.

Instances when you need serious care

There can be cases when you may be under serious treatment. As in a case of fall or accidental, injury may be caused that needs professional care.

Other symptom that may intend towards this issue is loss of bowels, senselessness in the groin section, weakness in legs, fever and pain or urination.

If you have any of these symptoms followed by back pain, you should always consult a medical practitioner.

– Book an appointment as soon as you can

– Call up your friends to help you

How Should You Go About It?

Natural methods are best ways to relieve the pain even without medicines. But medicines being an important part of people suffering from a migraine I always make sure that Andrea carries them. Still, I have got hold some natural ways that might be helpful and guess what? My kid is showing visible results.

Acupressure helps One of the oldest Chinese Traditional Medicine that helps in relieving headaches. Our Doctor also believes that this is a harmless method that can be tried by anybody. For this, all you need to do is take your child’s hands and squeeze the portion between the Thumb and Index finger for instant relief.

Regular exercises: As per a Swedish Study conducted in 2009 on migraines it was found that when regular cycling was adopted by patients, then headache episodes decreased. Even Yoga can help as an exercising substitute. If needed consult a yoga specialist and ask for certain Asanas that are helpful for providing relief to the headaches.

Make sure your child takes computer breaks: Nowadays, children are exposed to computers and smartphones and these in turn trigger such headaches. Don’t allow your children to stay in front of the computer for a long time. Make sure that they take smartphone breaks. Even doctors recommend that bringing down such exposure ensures that they will have a bit of relief from headaches.

Avoid sun: It’s not possible to keep children away from the sun but taking precautions when they are out in the sun can be of great help. As per a study conducted by Harvard University in 2009, it was found that headaches tend to go up around 7.5% when exposed to the sun. Ask your child to stay away from bright sunlight and pack fluids for them. Even sunglasses can come to great help.

There are other and varied natural ways that can come to great help. I have tried these with my daughter, and these have offered her great relief. Natural methods are harmless and don’t come with side-effects.

My journey with my daughter’s migraine and pain has been an eye-opener for me. Let my experiences help you too. Stay happy and healthy!