June 14, 2018

Stringing Some Pain-Free Days Together!

If you are lucky enough, then your child will stay lucid for some day without you trying anything else. But it’s best to get some with some external ways.

With Andrea, we had our share of good and bad days. For the past one and half years, I have tried my level best to get a possible way to make sure she gets more of her lucid life. As a parent, we always want the best for our child but don’t end up being successful quite often.

I have taken various steps to ensure that my daughter gets more pain-free days and have been a bit successful. I want the other parents to know how I have done that.

A diet that might help: Though this is not a proven method yet it has helped Andrea to get more pain-free days to some extent. I have concentrated on maintaining a diet for my child. As I have mentioned earlier, there are foods which can trigger a migraine, and you would want to avoid that.

Nobody knows what the exact foods are that trigger migraine. It depends from individual to individual. For Andrea, it has always been cheese and oily food. I have added a lot of veggie-based food in her diet including good fats such as Omega-3 and Magnesium. But that’s my undertaking and is totally based on the triggers of my daughter. It’s important on the part of the parent to identify their child’s trigger foods and formulate a diet based on that.

Water is the magical element: If experts are to be believed, then water is the best way to avoid migraines. Dehydration is one of the common triggers of a migraine. So, for healthy function of the body drinking a lot of water becomes very important. I personally always make sure that Andrea carries a water bottle wherever she goes.

But as children are, they are not always a fan of plain simple water. You can just mix some juices whenever you can or even herbal tea. But make sure that the liquid you are giving them should be low in calorie and sugar. I have actually added lots of juices in my daughter’s diet, and it turns out she loves those.

There is no guarantee that these will work for everybody but I have seen visible results in my daughter. Her lucid days have urged me to get the best possible ways to make sure those pain-free days are more and happier. Stay happy and healthy!