Detailed Programme

Thursday, 6th July 2017 

Education Day

1800-1930 Welcome Reception
Friday, 7th July 2017 
0730-0820 Poster Mounting
0800-0820 Welcome
0820-0900 Plenary I

Remembrance of Things Past: Pain Circuits After Neonatal Injury

Speaker - Mark Baccei

0900-0940 Plenary II

Clinical trials of analgesics in infants and children: “A person's a person, no matter how small”

Speaker - Gary A. Walco

0940-1000 Break
1000-1130 Regular Workshop Session I

WS 1

Neurobiological consequences of surgical injury in early life

Simon Beggs, Mark Baccei, Suellen Walker


WS 2

Innovative methods of pediatric pain assessment: Practical approaches for clinicians

Soumitri Sil, Geoffrey David Champion, Natoshia Raishevich Cunningham

Natoshia Raishevich Cunningham

WS 3

Quality improvement in pediatric pain management: The why, the what, the how

Alison Twycross, Stefan J. Friedrichsdorf, Bonnie Stevens

Alison Twycross

WS 4

Living successfully with chronic pain: The importance of enhancing resilience in youth

Rikard Wicksell, Melanie Beeckman, Simons

Lindsey L. Cohen

WS 5

The road behind, the road ahead” for three pediatric pain services. Reviewing service development approaches, cultural perspectives and multi-disciplinary day program outcomes

Mark Alcock, Meg Pounder, Angela Yeo Siok Hoong

Natasha Haynes

1130-1215 Rapid Workshop Session I

WS 6

Cutting edge research on pain in children with Disabilities: Assessment, management, and knowledge translation 

Elizabeth A. Ely, Abraham J. Valkenburg, Lara M. Genik

Meghan McMurtry

WS 7

From one-two-many: underused and surprisingly novel methods and analyses in pediatric pain

Abbie Jordan, Kathryn Birnie, Cornelius (Neels) B. Groenewald

Kathryn Birnie

WS 8

Disciplines in painful predicaments: Current challenges in understanding and managing pediatric pain from an interdisciplinary perspective

Rebecca Pillai Riddell, Eva Cignacco, Stefan J. Friedrichsdorf

Rebecca Pillai Riddell

WS 9

Mobilizing parents to reduce pediatric pain and beyond

Erin Brown, Justin Kenardy, Christine Chambers

Justin Kenardy

WS 10

Adapt or invent? Applying pain assessment and management programmes across populations and cultures  

Jeanine Verbunt, Line Caes, Brian McGuire

Jennifer Stinson

1215-1400 Lunch
1230-1400 Author Attended Poster session I
1400-1440 Plenary III

Pain, protection and progression: a physiotherapist’s perspectives of chronic pain.

Speaker - Lorimer Moseley

1440-1520 Plenary IV

Management of post operative pain in low resource setting: A personal journey

Speaker - Dilip Pawar

1520-1545 Break
1545-1715 Panel Discussion Challenges in the pharmacological treatment of pediatric pain in low and high resource settings

Panelists - Sushma Bhatnagar, Allen Finley, Supranee Niruthisard, Bonnie Stevens
Chair - Charles Berde
1715-1745 Removal of posters
Saturday, 8th July 2017 
0730-0820 Poster Mounting
0820-0900 Plenary V

(Early Career Award)

Fear and avoidance: Interrogating neural circuits on a pathway to pain persistence

Speaker - Laura Simons

0900-0940 Plenary VI

(Distinguished Career Award)

The developing pain system: a lifelong story 

Speaker - Maria Fitzgerald

0940-1000 Break
1000-1045 General Meeting of Members, IASP SIG on Pain in Childhood
1045-1215 Regular Workshop Session II

WS 11

Pain and stress: modulatory factors and early life transitions

Jeffery Mogil, Gordon Barr, Laura Jones

Maria Fitzgerald

WS 12

Generating and implementing new knowledge in infant pain: Enhancing impact and improving outcomes

Bonnie Stevens, Ricardo Carbajal, Rebeccah Slater

Bonnie Stevens

WS 13

Musculoskeletal pain: Evidence, evaluation and evolution

Neil Schechter, Jacqui Clinch, Valerie Rogers

Jacqui Clinch

WS 14

Patient engagement initiatives in pediatric pain management and research: Moving beyond tokenism

Jennifer Stinson, Asha, Sue Bennett

Susan Bennett

WS 15

23 years after 'Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy' - Advances in the understanding & management of complex regional pain syndrome (crps) in children and teenagers

Stefan Friedrichsdorf, Michael Sangster, Kavita Desai Dakoji

Stefan Friedrichsdorf

1215-1400 Lunch
1230-1400 Author Attended Poster session II
1400-1440 Plenary VII

Myths, Mirrors, Magic and no Morphine? Interdisciplinary Multimodal Analgesia in Children with Complex Chronic Pain

Speaker - Stefan J. Friedrichsdorf

1440-1520 Plenary VIII

Cancer Pain and Palliative care in Children - Are we doing enough

Speaker - Sushma Bhatnagar

1520-1545  Break
1545-1715 Regular Workshop Session III

WS 16

Unravelling the roles of learning and cognition in pediatric pain

Melanie Noel, Lauren Heathcote, Laura Simons, Tina Jaaniste

Melanie Noel

WS 17

Evidence from the technological frontiers of pediatric procedure pain management

Kathryn Birnie, Jennifer Stinson, Jeffrey I. Gold

Jennifer Stinson

WS 18

Pain knowledge translation and education in developing countries for improving pain management

Nanuli Ninashvili, Vladmir Romanenko, Joshua Ngwang Menang

G. Allen Finley

WS 19

Multidisciplinary rehabilitation options for treatment of Refractory pediatric headache patients: Do rehab models stand up to the test of time?

Karen Kaczynski, Sara Williams, Victoria Karian

Karen Kaczynski

WS 20

Comparative effectiveness research in pediatric regional anesthesia and postoperative analgesia

Nishanthi Kandiah, Charles Berde, Kathleen Cooke 

Nishanthi Kandiah

1715-1745 Removal of posters
1930-2300 Gala Dinner
Sunday, 9th July 2017 
0730-0820 Poster Mounting
0820-0900 Plenary IX

Pain in Mice and Man: Ironic Adventures in Translation

Speaker - Jeff S. Mogil

0900-0940 Plenary X

The role and function of behavioral flexibility in pediatric chronic pain

Speaker - Rikard K. Wicksell

0940-1000 Break
1000-1045 Rapid Workshop Session II

WS 21

Innovations to extend acute pain research into children's homes

Renee CB Manworren, Yaffa Zisk, Grace O'Sullivan

Renee CB Manworren

WS 22

Tailoring multidisciplinary chronic pain management for children with symptomatic hypermobility

Verity Pacey, Mark Scheper, Jeanine Verbunt

Verity Pacey

WS 23

What happens to children and their families after surgery? Insights from recent studies examining recovery patterns at home 

Michelle Fortier, Genevieve Pfeiffer and Jordan Wood

Jordan Wood

WS 24

Is musculoskeletal pain part of the public health picture in children?

Zoe Michaleff, Steven Kamper, Christopher Williams

Steven Kamper

WS 25

Social development and chronic pain across childhood: Exploring critical issues associated with identity development, academic challenges and relationships with key individuals  

Abbie Jordan, Paula Forgeron, Line Caes

Abbie Jordan

1045-1145 Media Festival
   Trainee Poster Prize Presentations
  1. Alessandro Andreucci  | Psychological and behavioural problems as risk factors for the onset of musculoskeletal pain in adolescents. Analysis of a prospective cohort study.
  2. Jiale Hu | The Validity of Skin Conductance for Assessing Acute Pain in Infants: A scoping review
  3. Jordana Waxman | Associations between infant pain behaviours and heart rate variability during vaccination at 12 months of age
  4. Joanne Dudeney  | The mediating role of anxiety symptoms in the relationship between pain intensity and sleep quality in adolescents
1230-1400 Lunch
1230-1400 Author Attended Poster session III 
1400-1440 Plenary XI

The epidemiology of pain in children

Speaker - Gareth Jones

1440-1520 Plenary XII

Family-centered neonatal pain management – Opportunities not to be missed

Speaker - Linda S. Franck

1520-1545 Break
1545-1715 Regular Workshop Session IV

WS 26

From self-report to brain imaging: Methods to assess pain and pain-related emotions in infants, children and adolescents

Emma Fisher, Lauren Heathcote, Caroline Hartley

Jeffrey S. Mogil 

WS 27

Not ready for market? Challenges and opportunities in making pediatric pain research evidence accessible to the public

Christine Chambers, Jennifer Stinson, Amy Baxter

Christine Chambers

WS 28

Children's cancer pain at home: Knowledge, attitudes, behaviours and experiences: A journey of a thousand miles

Roses Parker, A. Twycross, Michelle Fortier

Alison Twycross

WS 29

Redefining and implementing parent controlled analgesia through active parent engagement in neonatal pain treatment

Marsha Campbell-Yeo, Mats Eriksson, O'Brien Kyololo

Marsha Campbell-Yeo

WS 30

Multidisciplinary and international training programmes: What works for whom?

John Goddard, Joanne Dudeney, Line Caes

Carl von Baeyer

1715-1745 Removal of posters

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